Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Poem. Open Spaces. Healing. The Road.


Today, we have set off from Massachusetts to Memphis. As my last act of liberty and in an effort to get some healthy body movement in before being confined to a couple square feet for two days solid, I visited the beach nearby our friends' place in Cape Cod. I walked and hopped and skipped. I collected rocks and pebbles for jewelry making. I snapped photos and wrote a poem. I listened to the rhythm and song of the Atlantic and I leaned backed into the wind as it hugged me toward the water. It was a wide open space for my spirit and a larger-than-life embrace from this gorgeous part of the world where I was born.

This whole trip has been so significant in my life journey. As I received the delight offered to me in the waves, the wind and the sun today; healing and wholeness seemed to also be present, warming my soul. I felt an ache in my heart to say "farewell" and yet I have hope for more frequent and quality visits. Are there new openings for me here? I guess we'll see what unfolds down the road.

Peace & Gratitude,

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