Saturday, February 23, 2008

getting over the winter blues

What a great evening at the Black Sheep Coffee Cafe! i began to truly feel the love when jason and i got there early to set up and i saw this sign that Andrew (barista) made for the evening: This just makes me happy. You can expect this to make other appearances on posters and the newly relaunched website (coming soon.)

I was blown away by all the people who came. i believe the age ranged from 5 or 6 years old to 92...without exageration! students, young adults, young families, empty-nesters, and vital agers were all there enjoying friendship, art, and great coffee....Mmm. I love that we can all come together around a message of being love in the world!

we all loved having Jake on the cajon (the percussion box from peru) and Ben on the cello. wow! loved it! i so delighted in the rhythms and the honey-likeness of the cello. Their musicality and the energy of everyone being there really brought out the best in me. Thank you so much to everyone. thanks also to those of you who brought friends to experience the black sheep and the music for the first time! when you do that you help us spread the word and we so appreciate your partnership in that!

one of the best parts o the evening for me was when a bunch of my favorite students shouted "bye HL!" as they were leaving. good for my heart. thanks you guys! I love you!

then after cleaning up, we made sure to take the photo op with the baristas we love so much. i think i need to write a song about the "barista love." these guys are keepin it real. they serve coffee and muffulettas from their hearts and their work is their art:
So please make sure you don't miss the next show. It's a wonderful time to meet wonderful people and celebrate true love in motion.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a warm welcome

it's been rainy here today in Lakeland, FL where we were hoping to have a bandshell show, but we moved indoor to keep from blowing away.

and of course, i don't mind the rain, i'm just thrilled to be a warm place. rachael, my hostess, has been a rockstar organizer and she's been great to me. her hard work publicizing before my arrival paid off.

the partnership has been a perfect fit. i had the delightful opportunity to meet the students involved in the campus justice group. they created displays to increase awareness and tangible involvement for issues such as fair trade, human trafficking, environmental stewardship, and more.

the show was fun, and i loved it when these students began to snap and sway as they sang DREAMS along with me, and they became my percussion section as we sanf LIFT together. great crowd. thanks!