Buzz + Booking

"Beautiful voice, beguiling songs, great presence."
~ Jeff Horwich, host of Minnesota Public Radio's In the Loop

"Heatherlyn’s music gets many people thinking about ways that they can change the world, even if it is just one step at a time. She brings awareness to her listeners and plants hope in their hearts by letting them know that it is possible to make a difference no matter who you are in this world." 
- In the words of Alyssa, a Minneapolis fan

Allow Heatherlyn Music to partner
with you and your organization!

Community, equality, mutuality, diversity,
participation in the movement of hope and active compassion
are common themes in Heatherlyn's music and speaking.
Together, we can create a unique experience for your event!  

Book Heatherlyn solo or with a full band!

Heatherlyn is available for :: MOST CAPTIVE AUDIENCE EXPERIENCES, such as...

  • community [building] concerts
  • neighborhood concerts and house concerts
  • student action presentations
  • entertainment at staff or volunteer appreciation events
  • inspiring awareness/advocacy/activist concerts/presentations
  • conferences
  • retreats
  • corporate events
  • something else you may have thought of and maybe we haven't - please share your idea!


"Heatherlyn has two remarkable talents;
one is obviously her voice--clear, bright, pure and soulful all at once;
the other is her amazing ability to sing and talk about difficult issues
such as hunger, poverty and slavery in a way that is 100% inspiration and 0% guilt trip.
She is straightforward, not preachy; encouraging, rather than demanding--
she truly lives her words, "Do what you can".
I used to feel so overwhelmed by all that needs to be done in this world;
I was stuck before I even began--it was all too big and too difficult--how could I make a difference?
I leave heatherlyn's performances with a totally different attitude:
that what I do is enough, that it is important,
and that everything, no matter how small, makes a difference."

--Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux, storyteller and educator

Kari E. Jacob-Davis,
Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the Greater Twin Cities United Way, says of Heatherlyn:
“You are such an inspiration. I can always count on your music to lift my spirits! The work of diversity and inclusion is somewhat messy and many times exhausting. But at the end of the day, we put on those "climbing shoes" and move forward for the greater good and to make a difference. It is well worth it! Thanks Heatherlyn!”

"A concert with Heatherlyn is an experience that will make you dance, think, smile, laugh, cry and walk away wanting more!..." ~ Dave Endicott, School Principal and Youth Advocate