Thursday, May 17, 2007

Do What You Can

PLEASE SEE to read and add your story.

One of the reasons i sing and do art is because that's what i have to the conversation of life, love, and the world, what is it and what i believe it could be. Do What You Can is the title of one of my songs because I have a firm belief that EVERYONE has something to offer to make the earth a better place to live for all of us. The power of each ONE coming together as ONE can make a powerful impact locally and globally. What do YOU have to offer? Talents, gifts, resources.... How are you sharing that with your sphere of influence?

Please take a moment to add a comment here Share what is it that you and maybe your family and/or friends are doing together to make a difference. Share so that others will be inspired as they read these comments and write their own. Take care.

starting a conversation

Welcome, partners and friends! we've been talking about finding a way to get conversation going about music, art, justice, and whatever. music and art are about contributing to the conversation of life. it's about expression and community. since not everyone has a myspace account, which you have to have to make comments on the myspace profile, we thought we'd try this now, instead of me just making a random journal entry once in a while, which seems to just blandly sit on my journal page, i can ask questions. you can answer. you can ask questions, i and others can answer it. seems kinda we'll see what happens. sweet!

enjoy the beautiful day...