Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the back of a starbuck's cup ~ UBUNTU

The Way I See It #255
"We will end poverty and stop HIV/AIDS within our generation when guided by African principles such as ubuntu that underscores our interconnectedness. With greater compassion for others, we would no longer accept hunger and disease as facts of life." -- Cedza Dlamini Youth emissary for the UN Millennium Development Goals, founder of the Ubuntu Institute for Young Social Entrepreneurs

Monday, March 3, 2008

CD release party!!

Come celebrate this milestone with us!
Sunday, April 13th at 6pm...find more detailed info on heatherlyn's myspace and website.

STUDIO PICS from 2007:
:: heatherlyn singing ::

:: scott engineering ::

:: aaron on guitar ::

:: dash on bass ::

wilderness woman

yesterday, i returned home from a weekend adventure at Camp Menogyn off the Gunflint Trail in Loretta, MN. i was invited to come by a group of ladies to join them in a conversation about serving from our gifts and design. we got there thursday night and walked across the frozen lake. we went hiking and snow shoeing the next morning. in the afternoon, my mom-in-law and sister-in-law and i had the chance to help harness the dogs for dog-sledding and we got to drive the dog-sleds! my hands were sore from gripping so tightly, but when we began to glide across the lake with the sun shining and the snow-covered trees surrounding, i felt like i was in a sacred place. on saturday, we enjoyed a dry sauna and took the "polar plunge" in our bathing suits. SHOCKING! that's all i have to say about that.

it was a meaningful time. throughout the weekend, i got to share some songs i've written such as "Lift" and "Invitation to the Unlikely" and these beautiful young girls sang all the choruses with me. i shared how the people in my life, who have served me and who cared about me when i was young, literally changed the course of my life. i shared a story about mother teresa, one of my heros, and how she said that "a smile is the beginning of love." i hope we all came away with a stronger sense of purpose and strength.