Friday, July 6, 2007

New Song: "Welcome to the Masquerade"

a social commentary on our first-impressions economy...i wonder how much money we throw away on glamour, image, making a good first impression. probably lots. perhaps an indecent amount. i don't know. i'm not judging, i'm just wondering. i get sucked into it as much as anyone does. why does it seem so hard to just BE, to be who we are, to not worry about weight, height, body hair, the clarity or smoothness of skin, the skin tone...being tan, toned, whatever? if we are aware that our culture and media continually tells us that we need to be something we are not naturally, maybe we'll have permission to BE, to resists those messages, to learn to BE who we truly are, and not strive to be someone or something we aren't. let's stop pretending and stressing ourselves out over someone else's criteria. who made them the ruler of image and beauty anyway? i guess i'd say that we do if we follow "them". let's take time to notice simple beauty in each other, to draw out authenticity in one another, to bless it and compliment are the lyrics to my new song (finished monday) "Welcome to the Masquerade":

painted lips of glossy red
never mind the things she said
glittering eyes, sparkle in the night
give us all enchanted sight

welcome to the masquerade
all of life is a fanciful stage
hide behind your painted, porcelain face
welcome, welcome to the masquerade

feathers colored silver and gold
eyes wide shut, the phantom of the show
masks as glammed as money can afford
so he and she and you won't get bored

fall in line step to the dance
hypnotized, a vicarious romance
you can be anyone, a pirate or a prude
you can be anyone, anyone but you...

(words and music by heatherlyn copyright 2007)