Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've heard many say something to the effect of "being a voice for the voiceless". I understand the good intentions behind this but I feel strongly that this statement is both condescending and dehumanizing.

EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS A VOICE! Seriously, if any person is "voiceless" it is because we haven't listened.

Yes, many voices are suppressed or ignored, perhaps lacking a platform, and WE who happen to have many resources and platforms need to be about the work of voicing.

We need to SURFACE, HONOR, and AMPLIFY voices of the oppressed.

We at Heatherlyn Music hope to be about this work around the world. Art, music and dance are miraculous means to surfacing voice, helping ANY human being (myself included) discover and express their own voice.

How do you go about voicing?
How do you listen and honor marginalized voices?
How do you amplify these voices that must be heard?
How would you be willing to support our work in this?

Thanks for your time and consideration of these things.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009