Thursday, March 31, 2011

Heatherlyn on 15 local TV stations including MTN with 300,000+ viewers!!

The soulful, rooted, rockin' Amp It Up performance of Heatherlyn & the Storydwellers will be aired on fifteen stations in the Twin Cities, one to include MTN (Minneapolis Television Network) that reaches over 300,000 viewers! We are so greatful for this opportunity!

BUT if you're in another part of the country, or just feel like watching it now instead of relying on your local station's program schedule, it's right here on the world wide web. Click here to enjoy 5 of the Storydwelling album songs and hear an interview with Singer/Song-writer Heatherlyn and Producer Matt Patrick!

The Songs in this performance:

  • Rosebud ~ A Lulluby by Heatherlyn
  • Jack Riddle ~ The story of Mr. Riddle by Melissa Marley Bonnichsen
  • When I Dream ~ A song for a sleepless night by Heatherlyn
  • Home with You Continues ~ An ongoing love story-song continued from the debut album by Heatherlyn
  • Put on Your Climbing Shoes ~ Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all who are working for reconcilliation and building genuine community, by Heatherlyn and Matt Patrick

The Storydwellers in the Amp It Up performance are Zach Miller on drums, Aaron Fabrinni on upright and electric bass and Matt Patrick on electric guitar, ukelele, vocals and Heatherlyn on acoustic guitar and vocals.

You can be expecting these stellar musicians along with a couple more at the CD release concert towards the end of this summer (date TBA soon)!

Here are two simple ways you can be involved in the Storydwelling recording project:

  1. SHARE!! The simplest, easiest and no-cost way of partnering with us is telling others who might be inspired and moved by the music. Share this link, our website and ANY other of our videos + posts as well! Share, email, repost, tweet, tell friends and family what inspires you about the music and the movement it inspires within you!
  2. PRE-ORDER the Storydwelling album at! Reserve your own autographed copy and expect it in the mail! Nothing like getting a package in the mail!

BIG LOVE and GRATITUDE for being our community and for being involved in this project! Peace and much goodness to you and yours always!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This small, sweet, snuggly one...


This small, sweet, snuggly one climbed up into my lap a while ago. I've been reading articles and returning messages on my phone. And you can see what she did. Not sure about moving now...

It must be true what they say about pets reducing stress. Now I'm feeling all warm n fuzzy inside after a fairly stressful day full of emotions. Can't help but be grateful, in this moment, for the simple, significant gifts of small, sweet, snuggly ones.

Sorry to say it's looking like we may need to postpone the "Storydwelling" release...

Sorry to say it's looking like we may need to postpone the "Storydwelling" album release to summer/fall 2011. Pre-orders have just slowed down too much lately. About 150 physical CD pre-orders this month would help us meet our Spring goal. We'll keep you posted as always.

Thanks so much to those who have been participating in this project. Without the backing of a record label, it is the community that surrounds this music and believes in our work that has been and continues to be the backbone of this stellar project. It will most definitely be worth the wait and we have some sweet plans brewing for an album release party....

Peace and Courage for the Good, Friends.

More about the project here including video, photos and thoughts --->

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Storydwelling :: The Music and the Movement (Recording Project Update)

STORYDWELLING IS THE ALBUM TITLE OF HEATHERLYN'S FORTHCOMING, LONG-ANTICIPATED FULL LENGTH 2011 RELEASE! The album includes songs from a shared human story, deeply personal songs from Heatherlyn's story and songs with imagination for the story we write with our lives from this moment, on.

Storydwelling, to us, as a way of life is intentionally being present to our own story and the story of others. It is understanding how we've come to this place here and now. It's deeply listening and authentically sharing from our true story. Growing into the practice of storydwelling cultivates compassion for others and affirms the human connection we all share.

We have been working hard on this recording project since the summer of 2010 when Heatherlyn and Producer Matt Patrick began pre-production work at The Library Recording Studio in Minneapolis, MN.

Many of you began to journey with us on this project when we invited our community to participate through the initiative. You may know that that initial effort to fund the project actually failed as we did not meet our goal in pledges. We needed to start back at square one, but we were still able to move forward because so many of you still wanted to pre-order and donate to help make the project a reality!

We can't express enough our gratitude for the faith and love you've shown us in this way. As an independent artist, not backed by a record contract or label, it has been entirely the backing of our community that has made this really incredible work of music possible.

(If your pledge also served as a pre-order, you may or may not have known that was automatically cancelled since we did not reach our goal in pledges. No transactions were made. Following the initiative, many backers decided to affirm their support and/or confirm their pre-order via PayPal on our website. If you would still like to do this, just go to and you'll see the current options available now! You're backing at this point is still incredibly significant to the project's success! THANK YOU!)

Since the summer, so much great work has been done. SEE PHOTO GALLERIES and read more of the story from each stage of recording.

All the tracking is now complete and we are in the last half of the mixing phase. Storydwelling is coming together to be an incredible, cohesive work of art! We have been blown away by what we are hearing come out of the studio as Matt has been working through each mix.

YOUR PARTICIPATION AND PARTNERSHIP ARE STILL WELCOME and incredibly significant to the project's success!! When mixing is complete, next comes the mastering, replication, packaging and promotion. Together we can still get this released in late spring or early summer! 

Visit now to pre-pay for your CD copy of the Storydwelling album or make a contribution. Big love and gratitude!

ALSO, Heatherlyn and The Storydwellers (the band) have performed five of the Storydwelling songs for a taping of the local TV show Amp It Up! Very soon we will be able to post a link to the show for you to have a taste of the Storydwelling flavor and a see in action some of the musicians that are on the album! We can hardly wait! In the meantime...


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Music is... from a friend and from Plato

Gratitude to and for my very good and kind friend for believing in me and reminding of the incredbile possibilities for the beauty that music is and all that may brings to this world. Feeling the love.

This was her facebook post today:

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Dedicated to Heatherlyn:
"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. It is the essence of order, and leads to all that is good, just, and beautiful, of which it is the invisible, but never the less, dazzling, passionate and an eternal form." Plato



Friday, March 11, 2011

Considering styles of CD encasing at Copycats (Mpls) today.

Cool stuff and one step closer...



Singer. Song-Artist. Poet.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

soil and soot...

soil and soot...
life is lent to me, to you, to us.
all and only grace in the interest rate because it's not just a loan.
it's an inheritance, a trust,
a partnership in artistry
a dance of divinity
fearlessly engaging humanity and suffering and...
what may come?
what may burgeon from the dust...
the soil and the soot?

soil and soot...

soil and soot...
life is lent to me, to you, to us.
all and only grace in the interest rate because it's not just a loan.
it's an inheritance, a trust,
a partnership in artistry
a dance of divinity
fearlessly engaging humanity and suffering and...
what may come?
what may burgeon from the dust...
the soil and the soot?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Imagination for Reconciliation :: Writing A Story of Fearless Friendship

Without a doubt this singer-songwriter has a whole lot of respect for the Beatles and the song 'Imagine' by John Lennon simply seems to be a standard that most song-artists should have under their belt.

I'm still learning about Lennon and his philosophy of life and the world. At face value, the lyrics of 'Imagine' seem to express a belief that we would be better off if all these various things that define and divide us where eliminated.

While I can't say I ascribe to that philosophy (if that's what he's saying) since I myself find deep meaning in a couple of things mentioned in the song, I whole-heartedly agree that these identities need not and must not divide us. I agree that there is 'no need for greed or hunger'. I agree that nurturing an imagination of compassion and peace and non-violent revolutionary action, rooted in love for humanity, will lead us to live into that dream. That's why this song really resonates with me.

Indeed, it seems to me, the only way our world can know peace and fairness for all people is if we find a way to come together across socio-economic, political, religious, cultural and other lines. As much as we are able, let's approach all of life and one another with an imagination for reconciliation and a willingness to fearlessly engage in 'unlikely' friendships.

Let's grow together in deeply listening to and valuing one another's stories and grow in understanding of what has brought us to the place where we are now. Let's seek to grow in respect for one another as brothers and sisters of the human family. Let's write a new story together, a story led by imaginations of goodness to all, a story leaving a legacy that we want to imagine future generations inheriting.

With an imagination for reconciliation and a hope for more fearless friendships in our world...

Peace and One Love,


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flavors of the Storydwelling Album on Local Television...!

This evening, producer Matt Patrick, drummer Zach Miller and upright bassist Aaron Fabrinni will be rocking 5 of the Storydwelling Album songs with me at the Town Square TV studio for a localing airing show called Amp It Up.We are excited to get some of the sonic flavors of the album to a broader audience and share the heartbeat of the music as well.

Here's some rough rehearsal footage of When I Dream. You'll be able to see for yourself that these guys soulfully rock with no reservations. Totally pumped for tonight's taping!! Send us some good vibes and enjoy this peek into the studio where these same musicians, along with others, have been working diligently on the Storydwelling project. This is just a tiny taste of the album and the long-awaited CD release concert (Date TBD).