Friday, October 1, 2010

Note on Timing :: Why we need to finish soon!

Besides that fact that we all can't wait to hear what this work of art sounds like and would really love to have these songs on our music-playing devises ASAP; it also seems like the perfect timing to release this coming spring as it is in sync with the current trends of music releases.

For example, Robert Plant just released Band of Joy, an album that surprisingly has a really similar vibe to the record we are working on and, within a week, is was already charting in the top 15 on the Billboard 200! Of course, Robert Plant's fame can't be underscored in this success, but still! =)

We did not head in this direction to copy or be up with the trends. This is naturally our true direction and simply what we see happening. We think it's kinda cool and perhaps a sign that this album has a lot of potential to be all the rage! Your pre-order or donation can help us catch this wave!

Music reviewers are looking for albums to review in the earlier part of the year (a down time for major label releases); whereas another time of year, our small independent project might get lost in the shuffle of bigger names. And we really really don't want to wait another whole entire year to release this! We need to send the completed album to them in EARLY DECEMBER!!

To meet this goal, we need to complete vocal tracking, additional instrumentation, mixing, mastering and replication and packaging by the END OF NOVEMBER!

We need your help to do this! It will take $5,000 in pre-orders and/or donations to support the project as soon as possible.

Pre-pay for your digital download card ($15)...
or autographed CD ($20)...

or One of Each for $30 (that's a deal!)...
...NOW to help us successfully release on time!

Consider partnering with us and supporting the project further
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Thanks again for considering! Peace and Love.

Heatherlyn Drum Session

Pre-paid CD Orders & Partnership are Needed to Complete the Record Project in Time.

We are so happy with the progress made thus far on the recording project. We could not be more grateful as we have been able to get this far only because of the generous partnership of our supporters whether through pre-paid CD orders or donations.

Thus far, we have been able to pay as we go and we currently have enough funds to get us through adding my vocals, but there's still some instrumentation to be added, mixing, then mastering and finally, earth-friendly replication and packaging costs.

For a successful release in the early spring of 2011, which is our hope, (more coming on why) we need to complete all of this work and get it packaged in the next 6-8 weeks so we can send it out for press releases, magazine and radio reviews, etc.

We believe the investment in the quality of this project will broaden our reach and ultimately create more opportunity for the community building work that we've been doing. As independent artists still gaining ground, we depend on the support of those who believe in what we're doing.

We are so grateful for each and every contribution which has ranged from $8 to $1,000 and every amount in between. We consider each and every contribution generous. Each pre-order and donation carries a personal connection.

We're asking any others of you who may be moved:
  • Consider simply pre-paying for you copy of the new CD.
  • Or Consider backing the project further if you're able.

Enjoy the beautiful Photo Galleries of our work in the studio so far.

Check out some Video of our work in the studio so far.

Also, feel free to email me at, if you have any questions.

Big Love and Gratitude,