Friday, March 20, 2009

A New Season and a Leap of Faith

Friends, as spring is arriving, it's also a new season within Heatherlyn Music. For 3 years, we've been intentionally on this journey towards growing as an independent song-artist. We've been learning the ropes, practicing, networking and most of you know we released the debut album just last April! The avenues I need to pursue are clearer than ever. The work I need to be doing to book shows and appearances, promoting, writing, being creative, growing as a musician, poet, etc...all of these things are becoming more and more clear. My heart, mind and whole being are constantly drawn more and more to being about this work. So we've decided it's time for me to resign from my "day job" and commit my ALL to these tasks.

This is a flying leap of faith. We are counting on friendship and your introductions to keep us on this path. Without a record label or big budgets for any of this, it's YOU, our listeners, family, friends, fans who can really give Heatherlyn Music the momentum and stamina to keep going. We depend on the powerful, effective good old fashioned tool of word-of-mouth and the newer word-of-mouse (that would be your computer and online social networks and email ). Every recommendation of our music that you make to a friend or colleague, every purchase you make...all that you do to support us ensures that we will be able to vitally grow this service of artistry and inspiration!

Tell the coordinator at your office/company/firm that they should hire Heatherlyn for a staff event, volunteer appreciation, diversity program or even holiday party.

Share with social justice action leaders on your campus or in your local community how valuable Heatherlyn's music would be for inspiring people to be part of their cause.

Recommend Heatherlyn for your church's youth events and women's retreats where Heatherlyn could sing, lead singing, and share stories from her life and faith.

There are many MANY more opportunities and you may even have some IDEAS!!

Contact Heatherlyn with your ideas and connections!

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement as venture on this challenging and thrilling way!