Monday, July 16, 2012

Alexi Murdoch's All My Days - a Heatherlyn ukulele cover

As we were traveling through Missouri today, I decided to get out my ukulele and sing you all a road trip song. Hope you enjoy. :-)


Singer. Song-Artist. Poet.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

How do you stay motivated...? - HL: "I don't know. Sometimes I'm not...."


Photo credit and heartfelt gratitude to Ilya Natarius & the Face Forward - Humanity Through Art Photo & Video team.

In a podcast recording yesterday, the interviewer asked me: "How do you stay motivated in your work?" I was really honest: "I don't know. Sometimes I'm not and I just need a break...." It's often in the time out that I catch my breathe, renew my focus and get inspired once again.

Einstein said: "Play is the highest form of research."

Sometimes a break, a walk, a soul nap is most productive thing you could do.

Everything in the natural world shows us that there are cycles, seasons and rhythms - time to move, time to rest.... Why it is that we think in our society that everything has to keep moving and producing? 

I get so impatient with this journey of self-employment, impatient with myself and hurry to get all the disciplines in each day, the instrument practice, presentation preparation, the research and songwriting, the social media and marketing, the networking, the...well, it goes on and on.

I get impatient, at times, discouraged, with all the trying and failing (not to mention, rejection) and trying to "make it" (whatever that means) or at least be somewhat stable as an artist. Sometimes it seems like things are moving so slowly...too slowly...I wonder: "will this EVER move forward!?!" Will this vision EVER be realized? Will we EVER arrive at our goals?...and then, at some point, I realize more has been happening than I could see....

In fact, I hear this inner voice of wisdom say: "if you had moved any faster, none of what has happened could've happened as it should in it's best and most complete form and you'd have to start all over again...but...look, you don't have to start all over again. Things are not good, they are best, for now. This moment is your most precious gift. Be present to keep moving forward. What needs to progress, has all the time it needs and *you're* becoming better and truer in the process...."

Dreams don't just magically come true. They are lived into over time. They require time, intention, ebbs and flows, ups and downs. Measure twice, cut once. Take YOUR time. Cherish NOW. Believe and breathe deeply. Welcome moments to laugh. Be silly and playful. Remember walks and naps are healing, renewing and much more productive and motivating than we think.


Love, Heatherlyn