Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from Us!! :: two thoughts...


Bull-headed resolution has never gotten me very far. I find long term maintenance of such energy to be nearly impossible, unhelpful and ungracious. Each new moment, each new hour, each new day, I seek to live presently, mindfully, in a way that benefits rather than sabotages myself and my true desires & dreams; in a way that will benefit beyond myself too.

Rather than make resolutions, I am seek to put more thoughtful intention behind my actions and deliberate, worthwhile actions behind my intentions.

I seek to forgive myself quickly and realize that every time I feel I've failed, I've succeeded in learning something that will benefit the next leg of the journey and ultimately, I seek to never give up on who I know I can be.



What would it mean to view each day as a gift, offered in a plain old simple box to be decorated in any way we chose? What if *we* are the gifts delivered in the package of each day - presents through our presence.

May this turn of the year remind us that every day is new. Every hour, a gift to be given. May we have the openness to receive, the imagination to co-create something wondrous and the patience to see it through... "it" being all-inclusive of endless possibility.

Happy, Abundant New Year from us!